Animals, Animals, Animals- lots of animal murals!

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The question is not, “which animals have you painted?” But more so, which ones HAVEN’T I painted? Whether a kids room or nursery, a whimsical bathroom accent or a classroom, animal murals just add a certain warm welcome.

Often times, I’ve incorporated the family pet into my murals. And perhaps the most unusual animal I ever painted was a rare bird- the client’s parents had actually discovered the bird and had the privilege of naming it!

Stripes & Patterns

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When it comes to stripes you need 2 things- blue tape and a lot of patience!.. but it is SO worth the effort because painted stripes ALWAYS deliver and never go out of style! But not all of these behemoths required enough tape to reach the moon and back- there are some lovely organic patterns too. There’s a simple rule to follow- if it can be done with wallpaper, it can be done with paint!